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Invitation for lecture on Melanoma – Avalon University

Our Chancellor, Dr. Shokat Fatteh and our Clinical Dean, Dr. Abdul Ghani will be conducting a lecture on Melanoma. Dr. Shokat Fatteh will be giving an orientation on histological and pathological aspects starting right from the basics, and Dr. Abdul Ghani will be explaining the clinical and treatment approaches in the light of recent advancements.

The lecture will be conducted on Thursday, April 7, 2016 at 7:00 AM at Mountain Vista Medical Center in Phoenix, Arizona. All the clinical students are invited for an in-depth coverage of the essential topic of Melanoma.


An Accreditation Caribbean Medical School – Avalon University School of Medicine

Avalon University School of Medicine is a North American curriculum based medical program and our graduates are geared for a career in medicine in the United States and Canada. AUSOM has taken all necessary steps to ensure that AUSOM’s graduates are eligible for U.S. and Canadian medical licensure. AUSOM is a recognized Caribbean Medical School and for a Medical University to be approved, it must be chartered on the country of location. Avalon University School of Medicine is chartered and recognized by the Government of Curacao. This charter entitles AUSOM to grant a Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) degree to students who have successfully completed the medical school’s approved curriculum in medical education, which includes an emphasis on the medical licensing exams and being a competent practicing physician.


Studying Medicine in the Caribbean is an Excellent Option


  1. Affordable Tuition: Caribbean medical schools typically cost less than U.S. medical schools (both public and private). Some schools may approach the costs of U.S. medical schools but they are, overall, still less expensive.
  2. Global Medical Training: In today’s global society, students who are able to have a global medical education have an advantage when mentioning this on their residency applications, and even more when they become practicing physicians. Caribbean medical schools are affiliated with numerous teaching hospitals, which provides students the opportunity to participate in clinical rotations throughout the United States or Canada. Some schools even offer clinical rotations throughout the world.
  3. Clinical Rotation Opportunities: There are clinical rotation opportunities in the U.S and Canada. In many of the Caribbean medical schools, the first two years of the basic sciences are completed on their campuses overseas, while clinical rotations are completed in U.S. and Canadian hospitals. Though your campus is overseas, an important factor in gaining a residency position in the United States or Canada is having clinical rotation exposure in the United States or Canada. The fact is that residency programs are now factoring in where you have completed your clinical rotations, and if they are completed in the United States or Canada, that is an important criteria in the eyes of residency programs.
  4. Reputation: In many countries such as the U.K., U.S. and Canada, the reputation of the medical school matters primarily for your own personal satisfaction, because wherever you go, you will get an equivalent degree and training. It all boils down to how dedicated the student will be, and how hard they will work towards their goal of becoming a practicing physician.
  5. Less Competitive: U.S. and Canadian medical schools are very competitive because they can only accept a smaller number of students, and don’t admit enough students to fill the demand of doctors in the U.S. So even if you didn’t have a great GPA during school, or didn’t score well on the MCAT for admission into a competitive U.S. medical school, there’s still a good chance you could into a Caribbean medical school and fulfill your dream of becoming a doctor. It is also important for you to know that 25% of practicing U.S. physicians is from international medical schools.
  6. Supportive Environment: Medical school professors in the Caribbean want you to succeed, both for your well-being and for their school’s reputation.

Avalon University School of Medicine has a new and improved Alumni website!

Check out our Alumni success here:

Are you an Alumni of Avalon? Keep in touch with us through our new Alumni website, become a mentor to current students, and update us on your career and success!

Alumni website

Mission Statement of Avalon University School of Medicine Alumni

Our mission is to provide meaningful ways to foster life-long relationships between alumni, faculty, and current students of Avalon University School of Medicine. Our goal is to offer valued services to our Alumni Members and to support the University’s missions. The Alumni Association will promote and celebrate excellence, diversity, collegiality, alumni interactions with medical students and faculty of medical university, and support the medical school. Whether it’s an educational event, a mentorship opportunity, or a reunion celebration, there are many ways the alumni association strives to keep you engaged with AUSOM. The Alumni Association will accomplish its mission through advocacy, fundraising, community outreach, investment management and stewardship of resources.


Avalon University School of Medicine (AUSOM) is a growing leader in medical education and is becoming a top Caribbean Medical University. Avalon University School of Medicine (AUSOM) focuses on quality medical education and training in order to ensure medical licensure and residency placement for international medical students and graduates. Visit For more information:

Why Should I choose Caribbean medical school?

Getting into medical school in the United States has become extremely hard. Many students are left disappointed after working hard but feeling as if they are not good enough. Many applicants that have the passion and dedication to pursue medicine are considering attending medical school in the Caribbean. Schools in the Caribbean offer an education that is just as good as the United States. Medical school can be exhausting, stressful and sometimes overwhelming, but stepping outside to watch the beautiful sunset on the beach makes it worth the pain! Attending school in another country teaches students to be independent and learn a lot about themselves.

Attending Caribbean medical school secludes you from your friends, family and distractions which ultimately allow you to bond with fellow students and faculty in an academic environment. Medical schools in the Caribbean have a lot to offer. The application process is much faster than that of U.S. or Canadian medical schools. Usually, the entire application process takes no more than 1-2 weeks! Students are fighting over seats, like they do in the United States. The medical schools in the Caribbean follow the same curriculum is U.S medical schools, with experienced professors with a vast amount of knowledge they are more than willing to share.

Caribbean medical schools make it so easy to feel as if you belong. With the opportunity to complete clinical rotations in the United States students are able to learn all the same hands-on experiences with patients as U.S. medical students. This also gives students the best chance to receive residencies and practice in the United States and counties all over the world. Caribbean medical graduates obtain an extensive amount of knowledge studying abroad, while also learning a vast amount about different cultures and customs. Working with islanders is a very humbling and wonderful learning experience. When people usually think of the Caribbean, they do not think of medical school.

These schools offer a chance to allow personal growth, faster application process, less competition for seating and the same strong education and opportunities as medical schools in the U.S… They also offer beautiful beaches and give aspiring physicians a great opportunity to pursue their dreams. Attending a Caribbean medical school offers tons of experience and is a wonderful experience for students who are not willing to give up on their dreams of becoming an aspiring physician.

Caribbean Medical Schools vs. Foreign Medical Schools

Medical Schools

Attending medical is the dream of many high school graduates in the United States. Due to the lack of seat availability in United States students are faced to choose attending an international medical university. Attending medical school in the Caribbean has more benefits than losses. Students are learning under a curriculum that mirrors the United States schools. They complete the same courses on a beautiful island for a lower price. The price of completing medical school is substantially lower than any other country in the world. Students also get the opportunity to learn this material in English.

Studying at foreign, non-Caribbean medical schools, usually the courses are taught in a different language, making it harder for U.S. born students. Students are also not required to complete the MCAT but they are still eligible to practice in the United States. Caribbean medical schools provide their students with the opportunity to complete clinical rotations in green book approved hospitals in the United States. Students are getting the same hands on experience as U.S. medical students.

This is a huge advantage for students when it comes to preparing themselves to obtain residency or even finding a job. These students also have the opportunity to obtain residencies in the United States. Students that graduate from a Caribbean medical school will be able to practice in the United States, Canada and all over the world. In other foreign counties, graduates are usually limited to where they can practice or obtain residency.

They have few limitations with tons of great opportunities to become successful. The Caribbean is so close to the United States, most of the costumes and traditions are carried to these beautiful islands. Students are close to home and feel as if they are still in the United States. Caribbean medical schools are ultimately the best decision when it comes to deciding to attend a medical school outside of the United States and Canada.

Getting Into Medical School

There are many factors to consider when the time comes to deciding what you want to do with your future. Becoming a doctor is much easier said than done. There are many aspects to consider when deciding to attend medical school. Students look to find a medical school that will fit their future lifestyle and career goals. The treacherous process of applying to medical school in the United States can scare students. They often require students to bend over backwards and spend hundreds of dollars to only find out they were not accepted, leaving students to feel let down.

Caribbean medical schools have worked to make their application process simple. Students applying to attend medical school in the Caribbean have a better probability to pursue their career dreams. These schools often look at the students grades, past experiences and pre-requisites while taking into consideration that some students may come from a harder background experience than others. These students deserve the same opportunities to pursue their dreams of becoming a physician. Getting into medical school in the Caribbean is a simple process. Most schools require students to submit an application, official transcripts, letters of recommendation and a personal statement.

With all these factors the schools can get a full educational background of the student. The application process usually takes no more than two weeks to complete. Most Caribbean medical schools also require a personal interview. This interview allows the students to talk to the admissions committee one on one giving them a better feeling when it comes to making their final choice. Caribbean medical schools offer students assurance, comfort and a quick process. The tuition is also a benefit. Though, our economy is slowly reviving; attending a Caribbean medical can be a huge financial burden. One huge advantage of Caribbean medical schools is the substantially low costs of tuition. Students attending Caribbean medical schools are paying less than half for tuition than students attending medical school in the United States.

These schools are lower in cost but they still mirror the same curriculum that medical schools in the United States offers giving students the opportunity to becoming great doctors. Caribbean medical graduates have successfully obtained residencies all over the United States. They have taken the spots of U.S. graduates because they are just as well prepared and hardworking. The lessons learned from medical school define the rest of a medical career. Choosing a medical school is a huge decision but choosing a Caribbean medical school is the right decision.

Best U.S. Medical Schools – Avalon University

Medical Schools

Taking the next step towards a long-term career in the medical field can be quite intimidating. Medical students usually have top questions in mind like, What now?, Where do I go from here? What school is the best for me? The answer? Avalon University School of Medicine. Many medical schools in the U.S. offer students amazing locations and the best education, but for the highest cost possible. Avalon University has the best education for the most reasonable prices. AUSOM cares about each and every student, and wants to see every student have the best education and excel to be on their way to becoming well respected physicians.

AUSOM is a U.S. based curriculum medical school that is located on the beautiful island of Curacao, which is located in the Caribbean. Students will be able to learn an U.S. base medical curriculum by day, and be able to enjoy the peaceful beautiful sites that Curacao has to offer by night. AUSOM is a well-credited US medical schools that was founded primarily by U.S. physicians. While attending AUSOM, students will take part in our clinical rotations in U.S. teaching hospitals, and be able to get to work one on one with the physicians and have hands on experience, which helps the students be able to become accustom to the medical field practices.

Avalon University School of Medicine is definitely one of a kind. While attending AUSOM students will experience not only what the school has to offer, but also what the world outside of the U.S. has to offer each medical student.

U.S. Medical University’s vs. Caribbean Medical Schools

Caribbean Medical SchoolSo you have just graduated high school, and have decided to go to medical school. Now, you are on your way to take the next step in your education. Where should you go now? Avalon University School of Medicine, or better known as AUSOM, is a medical school that is located on the island of Curacao, which is located in the Caribbean. At AUSOM, and Caribbean medical schools, students have smaller class sizes.

This means that there is a better student to teacher ratio. Instead of a student having classes with a hundred, or even two hundred people, like the U.S. university classes likely have; the student can have a better understanding of what is being taught, and speak more with the professor when they have questions.

There is a change of pace with a different location in the Caribbean. Having a different location makes it more exciting, and more educational. Students get a chance to explore the environment around them. Students also get the opportunity to take a break and relax from the studying, and enjoy a nice day on the beautiful beaches.

Caribbean medical schools also offer potential students lower tuition rates, and higher acceptance rates. Unlike US medical schools, Caribbean schools have lower tuition rates, and higher acceptance rates. This makes it much easier for potential students to go to a medical school, and be able to afford the tuition. Having higher acceptance rates in Caribbean schools, gives students the opportunity to go to school, and become what they have being dreaming of becoming, a doctor.