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Invitation for lecture on Melanoma – Avalon University

Our Chancellor, Dr. Shokat Fatteh and our Clinical Dean, Dr. Abdul Ghani will be conducting a lecture on Melanoma. Dr. Shokat Fatteh will be giving an orientation on histological and pathological aspects starting right from the basics, and Dr. Abdul Ghani will be explaining the clinical and treatment approaches in the light of recent advancements.

The lecture will be conducted on Thursday, April 7, 2016 at 7:00 AM at Mountain Vista Medical Center in Phoenix, Arizona. All the clinical students are invited for an in-depth coverage of the essential topic of Melanoma.


An Accreditation Caribbean Medical School – Avalon University School of Medicine

Avalon University School of Medicine is a North American curriculum based medical program and our graduates are geared for a career in medicine in the United States and Canada. AUSOM has taken all necessary steps to ensure that AUSOM’s graduates are eligible for U.S. and Canadian medical licensure. AUSOM is a recognized Caribbean Medical School and for a Medical University to be approved, it must be chartered on the country of location. Avalon University School of Medicine is chartered and recognized by the Government of Curacao. This charter entitles AUSOM to grant a Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) degree to students who have successfully completed the medical school’s approved curriculum in medical education, which includes an emphasis on the medical licensing exams and being a competent practicing physician.