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Offshore Education “A World of Opportunity Outside Our Nation’s Borders”

Avalon University School of Medicine has been featured in the USA Today’s “Careers in Healthcare” section.


Avalon University School of Medicine (AUSOM) is a growing leader in medical education. Avalon University School of Medicine focuses on quality medical education and training in order to ensure medical licensure and residency placement for international medical students and graduates. Avalon University School of Medicine is situated on Curacao, which is a highly developed and safe country with a supportive and pro-education government. Avalon University offers programs in Pre-Medicine, Doctor of Medicine and Clinical Sciences. Avalon University’s curriculum is designed to prepare medical students for the United States Medical Licensing Exam® (USMLE) exams.

Avalon University’s focus is “Education” and preparation for a career in medicine. We offer an opportunity for you to learn about current medical graduates from Avalon University in U.S. residencies. Students can join our accelerated program with U.S. clinical training and learn about our scholarship program.

For more information about AUSOM top Caribbean medical school, visit the AUSOM website


Invitation for lecture on Melanoma – Avalon University

Our Chancellor, Dr. Shokat Fatteh and our Clinical Dean, Dr. Abdul Ghani will be conducting a lecture on Melanoma. Dr. Shokat Fatteh will be giving an orientation on histological and pathological aspects starting right from the basics, and Dr. Abdul Ghani will be explaining the clinical and treatment approaches in the light of recent advancements.

The lecture will be conducted on Thursday, April 7, 2016 at 7:00 AM at Mountain Vista Medical Center in Phoenix, Arizona. All the clinical students are invited for an in-depth coverage of the essential topic of Melanoma.


An Accreditation Caribbean Medical School – Avalon University School of Medicine

Avalon University School of Medicine is a North American curriculum based medical program and our graduates are geared for a career in medicine in the United States and Canada. AUSOM has taken all necessary steps to ensure that AUSOM’s graduates are eligible for U.S. and Canadian medical licensure. AUSOM is a recognized Caribbean Medical School and for a Medical University to be approved, it must be chartered on the country of location. Avalon University School of Medicine is chartered and recognized by the Government of Curacao. This charter entitles AUSOM to grant a Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) degree to students who have successfully completed the medical school’s approved curriculum in medical education, which includes an emphasis on the medical licensing exams and being a competent practicing physician.

Avalon Join Hands with University of Curacao!

Dr. Moises da Costa Gomez from the University of Curacao (UoC), has recently signed a MoU with Avalon University School of Medicine (AUSOM). This MoU will join Avalon University School of Medicine and the University of Curacao to allow them to work together on research, science and technology for the future. This will include student and teacher exchanges, developing joint educational programs and research while doing joint symposiums, lectures and much more! This project will be completed locally in Curacao and internationally! It will be focused towards the public health and welfare field. This will be a huge accomplishment by The University of Curacao and Avalon University School of Medicine

Avalon Join Hands with University of Curacao

Avalon University School of Medicine (AUSOM) is a growing leader in medical education. Avalon University School of Medicine (AUSOM) focuses on quality medical education and training in order to ensure medical licensure and residency placement for international medical students and graduates.

Avalon University School of Medicine

The mission of Avalon University School of Medicine is to educate students in both the science and art of medicine.  This mission begins with an environment which promotes growth and learning, and entails dedication, discipline, and direction, all of which are fundamental in the development of a skilled physician.

Studying Medicine in the Caribbean is an Excellent Option


  1. Affordable Tuition: Caribbean medical schools typically cost less than U.S. medical schools (both public and private). Some schools may approach the costs of U.S. medical schools but they are, overall, still less expensive.
  2. Global Medical Training: In today’s global society, students who are able to have a global medical education have an advantage when mentioning this on their residency applications, and even more when they become practicing physicians. Caribbean medical schools are affiliated with numerous teaching hospitals, which provides students the opportunity to participate in clinical rotations throughout the United States or Canada. Some schools even offer clinical rotations throughout the world.
  3. Clinical Rotation Opportunities: There are clinical rotation opportunities in the U.S and Canada. In many of the Caribbean medical schools, the first two years of the basic sciences are completed on their campuses overseas, while clinical rotations are completed in U.S. and Canadian hospitals. Though your campus is overseas, an important factor in gaining a residency position in the United States or Canada is having clinical rotation exposure in the United States or Canada. The fact is that residency programs are now factoring in where you have completed your clinical rotations, and if they are completed in the United States or Canada, that is an important criteria in the eyes of residency programs.
  4. Reputation: In many countries such as the U.K., U.S. and Canada, the reputation of the medical school matters primarily for your own personal satisfaction, because wherever you go, you will get an equivalent degree and training. It all boils down to how dedicated the student will be, and how hard they will work towards their goal of becoming a practicing physician.
  5. Less Competitive: U.S. and Canadian medical schools are very competitive because they can only accept a smaller number of students, and don’t admit enough students to fill the demand of doctors in the U.S. So even if you didn’t have a great GPA during school, or didn’t score well on the MCAT for admission into a competitive U.S. medical school, there’s still a good chance you could into a Caribbean medical school and fulfill your dream of becoming a doctor. It is also important for you to know that 25% of practicing U.S. physicians is from international medical schools.
  6. Supportive Environment: Medical school professors in the Caribbean want you to succeed, both for your well-being and for their school’s reputation.

Avalon University School of Medicine has a new and improved Alumni website!

Check out our Alumni success here:

Are you an Alumni of Avalon? Keep in touch with us through our new Alumni website, become a mentor to current students, and update us on your career and success!

Alumni website

Mission Statement of Avalon University School of Medicine Alumni

Our mission is to provide meaningful ways to foster life-long relationships between alumni, faculty, and current students of Avalon University School of Medicine. Our goal is to offer valued services to our Alumni Members and to support the University’s missions. The Alumni Association will promote and celebrate excellence, diversity, collegiality, alumni interactions with medical students and faculty of medical university, and support the medical school. Whether it’s an educational event, a mentorship opportunity, or a reunion celebration, there are many ways the alumni association strives to keep you engaged with AUSOM. The Alumni Association will accomplish its mission through advocacy, fundraising, community outreach, investment management and stewardship of resources.


Avalon University School of Medicine (AUSOM) is a growing leader in medical education and is becoming a top Caribbean Medical University. Avalon University School of Medicine (AUSOM) focuses on quality medical education and training in order to ensure medical licensure and residency placement for international medical students and graduates. Visit For more information:

Targeted combination nanotherapeutics in cancer a real promise – Avalon University

Research is a very important factor in creating advancement in medical education. At Avalon University School of Medicine our focus is to provide a quality medical education, while also emphasizing the importance of research. We are proud to share that the research work of Avalon University School of Medicine has been approved and published in the reputable journals of nanotechnology, “Nanomedicine”, based out of London, England. This research article was published by the research committee chairperson Dr. Farooq A. Shiekh of Avalon University School of Medicine on “Targeted Combination Nanotherapeutics in Cancer A Real Promise”. Avalon is very proud to be a part of discovering a unique term in literature “Cargo nanoships.” This term is defined to describe the whole concept of combination therapeutics and the way it can reach multiple target sites at a time by nanoships.

Research article published by

  1. Dr. Farooq A. Shiekh (Research Committee Chairperson)
  2. Sarah Mian (Basic Science Student)
  3. Sateesh B. Arja, MD (Executive Dean)
  4. MV Raghavendra Rao, MA, M.Sc., PhD, FABAP, FAGE (Microbiology Chairperson, Associate Dean of Student Affairs)


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Modern Lifestyle of North American and Antillean Students – Avalon University

Avalon University School of Medicine is located on the beautiful island of Curacao.

We are very pleased to let you know that Avalon University school of Medicine, Curacao is conducting a research project in collaboration with one of the professors from Psychology department of University of Alberta, Canada. It is about Modern life style of North American and Antillean students. It is very important to study the rate of obesity among populations because of the various effects obesity has on health. There are many diseases associated with obesity such as cardiovascular diseases, strokes, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, osteoarthritis, sleeping problems (e.g. sleep apnea), etc. It is imperative to observe the student population in terms of obesity in order to provide adequate preventative measures for the diseases mentioned above. The knowledge of population differences in dietary lifestyles in relation to obesity would greatly contribute to current public health improvement initiatives as well as for future studies. The two major measures of obesity are body mass index (BMI) and waist circumference (WC) and these factors will serve as the two predictor variables that will be recorded in this observational study.

Did you know?

Avalon University School of Medicine


Top Medical Schools in US and Canada

Avalon University provides their students with a campus shuttle. Avalon’s campus shuttle will transport students between the main campus and student housing. The shuttle service will begin in the mornings and ends late in the afternoon. The shuttle system is also available after class hours for students who are working late at the library. Avalon’s shuttle system provides our students with a safe and reliable ride to and from school on weekdays to ensure our students get to classes on time and home safely. The campus shuttle system will make weekly grocery and downtown trips for our students. This will allow students to get a ride to buy groceries and any other items they may need. We hope our students will take advantage of this wonderful opportunity!

Requirements for Medical schools

Requirements for medical school to get into are never easy. We know that, to choose one of the best medical school and then to meet all the requirements for medical schools to start a career in the field of medicine is always a difficult task to finish.

Requirement for medical schools in Caribbean is most of the time same for most of the universities.

List of requirements for medical school:

  1. Selection factors
  • Academic Records
  • Applicant’s Essay
  • College Admissions Test Score
  • Extracurricular Activities
  • Life Experiences
  • Work Experience
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Personal Interview

Admissions Requirements

All applicants applying for the 4-year M.D. program in a Caribbean Medical School have to complete the prerequisites which would include at least 90 credit hours of undergraduate course work, and also the subjects listed below for admissions. If you have obtained an undergraduate degree from your respective college/university, during our application process, your transcripts would be reviewed to determine if you have met the requirements.

  • General Biology, Anatomy or Zoology
  • One academic year.
  • General / Inorganic Chemistry
  • One academic year.
  • Biochemistry / Organic Chemistry
  • One academic year.


A broad background in humanities, social sciences or physical sciences and computer skills.

The requirements for medical school are mandated by individual State Medical Boards in the United States and are required for medical licensure in each respective state.

If you are transferring from one medical school to another you may need to consider following information to get accepted and confirm your admission.

Admission requirements for Transfer Student:

Avalon University School of Medicine accepts transfer students from other accredited medical schools. This university believes in students’ right to seek education at any academic institution. They should be able to choose an institution that will provide them the best medical education possible. Our Admissions Department evaluates transfer applications on a case to case basis. The following things are required for transfer students as per our transfer policy.

  •  Fill an Online application
  • A registration fee of 75 USD
  • Transcripts from previous medical school
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Personal statement
  • Passport size Photographs

So, if you are looking for one of the top medical schools in US, Avalon University School of Medicine should be your choice. Get in touch with us and our advisors will be happy to guide you with the process of admission and our detailed curriculum. You can also find out more details by visiting our website.

Requirements for Medical schools – Avalon University School of Medicine

Medical Schools

Requirements for Medical schools We want to give you an opportunity at Avalon University School of Medicine. We are seeking students who are willing to work hard, and show the personal motivation for success. If you have the dedication, drive and passion for the field of medicine, we encourage you to complete an application for admission.

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