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Research is a very important factor in creating advancement in medical education. At Avalon University School of Medicine our focus is to provide a quality medical education, while also emphasizing the importance of research. We are proud to share that the research work of Avalon University School of Medicine has been approved and published in the reputable journals of nanotechnology, “Nanomedicine”, based out of London, England. This research article was published by the research committee chairperson Dr. Farooq A. Shiekh of Avalon University School of Medicine on “Targeted Combination Nanotherapeutics in Cancer A Real Promise”. Avalon is very proud to be a part of discovering a unique term in literature “Cargo nanoships.” This term is defined to describe the whole concept of combination therapeutics and the way it can reach multiple target sites at a time by nanoships.

Research article published by

  1. Dr. Farooq A. Shiekh (Research Committee Chairperson)
  2. Sarah Mian (Basic Science Student)
  3. Sateesh B. Arja, MD (Executive Dean)
  4. MV Raghavendra Rao, MA, M.Sc., PhD, FABAP, FAGE (Microbiology Chairperson, Associate Dean of Student Affairs)


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